by George Braton

You, as a customer, might notice seeing many more Rolex replica dealers on the Internet. Some of these dealers don’t necessarily offer great products and can’t offer something new to the customers. But most of these dealers are rookies who don’t know much about Rolex replicas, and they are usually shut down after a few months, so they try to sell as many replicas as they can whichever way possible.

This article is written to clarify the myths and realities of Rolex replicas. You must have a lot of confusion on your mind about what is false, and what is really true. Try not to be too confused by all these new dealers who know nothing about Rolex replicas, and the bad dealers who are just trying to rip you off to make a few dollars. We will clarify all the most common myths about Rolex replicas.

These are listed in no particular order.

Myth #1:

“Genuine Grade 1 Swiss-made Rolex replicas are exactly the same as a real Rolex, but many dealers say Grade 1 Japan-made Rolex replicas are 99.9% identical to the real thing.”

Reality: False.

Genuine Grade 1 Swiss-made Rolex replicas are really so similar that no one can ever tell the difference, and so many dealers say they are exactly the same as a real Rolex (of course which isn’t true, or it must be a real Rolex). The truth is that genuine Swiss grade 1 replicas are identical to the genuine in looks and materials and very accurate in time keeping and waterproofed to similar depths as the original.

Grade 1 Japan-made Rolex replicas, on the other hand, are very similar to a Rolex watch. But it is by no means indistinguishable.

There are still many flaws that exist, and the watch does not feel and weigh exactly like a real Rolex. But realistically speaking, how can you expect a watch that retails for $300 to look, feel, and weigh exactly like a $10,000 Rolex watch?

Japan-made replicas cost $100-$150 wholesale, so it follows by logic that it simply is not possible.


Myth #2:

“Grade 1 A+++ Rolex replicas are better than Grade 1 Rolex replicas, and Grade 1 AAA Rolex replicas are better than Grade 1 Rolex replicas.”

Reality: False.

There is no such thing as Grade 1 A+++ or Grade 1 AAA Rolex replicas. There is only Swiss-made Rolex replicas. Any dealer telling you of these new ‘grades’ of Rolex replicas are very obvious scams who are trying to convince you to hand over your credit card information or your money. Judge the quality of a Rolex replica by the credibility of the dealer in our Site Ratings and Reviews, and by the specifications of the watches on their website. But don’t listen to these new ‘grades’ of quality which are non-existent.


Myth #3:

“Swiss-made Rolex replicas have better than 25- or 27-jewel ETA movements.”

Reality: True.

Genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas come with a Rolex clone movement based on modified 25-jewel 2834-2 or 2824 Swiss ETA movement, or a 27-jewel 2892-2/A2 ETA movement depending the models. Unfortunately, we have received tons of emails from customers who have said that dealers promised a 27-jewel movement, but shipped a Japan-Asian made replica. You just have to look for all the tell-tale signs of a Swiss-made Rolex replica in order to guarantee you’ll get one. Make sure the replica has a laser-engraved Rolex crown on the crystal at the 6 o’clock position, and serial numbers engraved in the area between the dial and the crystal (so underneath the crystal of the replica).


Myth #4:

“Japan-made Rolex replicas come only in 21-jewel Miyota automatic movements.”

Reality: True.

Japan-made Rolex replicas use nothing but 21-jewel Miyota Japanese automatic movements. No ETA movements, no 25-jewel movements, no 31-jewel movements, and no 34-jewel movements. We highly recommend you never to purchase from anyone who say they have anything but 21-jewel Miyota Japanese automatic movements in their Japanese replicas. People who create fake specifications are usually the scam dealers who don’t even deliver a product.


Myth #5:

“If I pay by credit card, I can get my money back very easily if the dealer does not ship me a watch.”

Reality: False.

There is a possibility you can get your money back or no, but definitely not easily.

There have been many reports from customers which say VISA/Mastercard have declined their disputes because they say they are only a payment processing company and are not responsible for disputes between customers and merchants.

And when VISA/Mastercard steps in to settle disputes, it requires hours of non-stop faxing of paperwork and bureaucracy. That is on top of the fact that VISA/Mastercard can refuse to refund you for purchasing an “illegal” product.


Myth #6:

“Swiss-made Rolex replicas have simple 18k gold plating 2-tone bands.”

Reality: False.

You will discover that many dealers are beginning to try to offer “poorer quality Swiss-made Rolex replicas” for $400-$600, claiming their 2-tone models have triple-wrapped 18k gold bands instead of 18k gold wrap bands. But the reality is they are shipping out Japan-Asian made Rolex replicas which you can purchase elsewhere for $200. There is no such thing as genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas which have triple-wrapped 18k gold 2-tone bands. Rolex replicas which have Swiss-made quality and are virtually identical to the real thing only have solid 18k gold wrap bands. Any dealers who claim to have ‘slightly lower quality gold plated 2-tone bands’ are scams. The best indicator is to check their 2-tone Submariner models and see if they say “Solid 18k Gold wrap” or “simple 18k Gold plating”. Also, if their prices are ridiculously low ($600-$700 for a solid gold wrap Swiss-made watch), then they are most likely a scam as well.

Myth #7:

“Swiss-made Rolex replica wholesalers can sell the replicas for $400-$700 each.”

Reality: False.

There is no such thing as Swiss-made Rolex replica wholesalers who sell Swiss-made Rolex replicas to end users for low, low prices. Anyone claiming to do so is shipping cheap watches at higher prices, then shutting down their website and doing it again and again with new websites to make easy money. Don’t believe it.


Myth #8:

“Italian replicas with a 31-jewel movement are nearly as good as a Swiss-made Rolex replica.”

Reality: False.

There is absolutely no such thing as Italian-made replicas, or Italian 31-jewel movements in replicas. Companies who try to sell you an Italian replica for $400 is shipping you a Japan-Asian made replica you can purchase for $200 elsewhere. Don’t trust people who try to tell you they can put Italian movements with Swiss-made parts. We have heard claims from customers they are shipping out Japan-Asian made replicas at inflated prices. Buyers beware!


Myth #9:

“Japan-made Rolex replicas are more water-resistant than Swiss-made Rolex replicas.”

Reality: False.

Many dealers claim their Japan-made Rolex replicas are water-resistant to 50m, 100m, 150m or more, while Swiss-made Rolex replicas are only water-resistant to 30m. But the truth is, they are water-resistant only as far as you can wash your hands, which is about 0.1m. And you can’t keep the Japan-made Rolex replicas under water for a long time or they will fog up and water will enter the watch. Swiss-made Rolex replicas are indeed water-resistant up to 300m (1000 feet), but Japan-made Rolex replicas are water-resistant to no more than 0.1m (1 feet), and you definitely should not keep them under water. They fog up very easily and will let water in.

If your Japan-made Rolex replica fogs up, put it under direct sunlight for a few hours and the fog should clear up. And don’t believe dealers who claim their Japan-made Rolex replicas for $200-$300 are water-resistant to 30m, 50m, or 100m. The dealers know you can’t prove them wrong, so don’t bother trying. Even if you do prove them wrong, there’s nothing you can do about it.


Myth #10:

“Swiss replicas now have a 2-year warranty”

Reality: True.

The truth is most scam sites will not even be around after a year. There are many sites offering 6 months to 1-year warranty on their Swiss replicas, but ship a poor quality $200 Japan-made replica. These sites claim that Swiss replicas now have 6 months to 1-year warranty, but the warranty period at the Swiss manufacturer has not changed. It is a 2 to 4-year warranty.

If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is too good to be true. Don’t be suckered into dealers who are desperate to sell you a lower quality replica and make up lies to do so. They likely won’t even be around for another 6 months.

Trust only sites that have been around for many years and can back up the 2 to 4 years Swiss warranty.


Myth #11:

“Japan-made Rolex replicas have a sapphire crystal.”

Reality: False.

Japan-made Rolex replicas do not have a sapphire crystal. They have mineral crystals. Many dealers try to say their Japan-made Rolex replicas have a sapphire crystal just so they can sell more watches, but don’t believe their stories. They know that customers like you cannot test the crystal to see if it is sapphire or mineral. They know you will never smash your watch with a hammer to test its durability. A real sapphire crystal costs from $80 to $150 and so it’s impossible for an $100 or $200 watch to have a real sapphire crystal on it.


Myth #12:

“Japan-made Rolex replicas can last for years.”

Reality: False.

It all depends on how take care of your watch, and how you define its durability. For some people, the watch will last as long as the movement keeps ticking, and in that sense, the Japan-made 21-jewel Miyota automatic movements can tick for 1 year and up to as long as 2 years. But the biggest problem for Japan-made Rolex replicas is when the gold plating begins to wear off, or other minor problems appear in its appearance. Sometimes engravings begin to dent, chip, or fade, or other cosmetic problems begin to surface. When the gold on a Japan-made Rolex replica begins to fade, you can no longer wear it in the public. Everyone knows that a gold-faded Rolex replica is an obvious fake. And the gold usually begins to wear on the inside of the bands within 2-3 months, and it will start fading on the outside usually within a year. So no matter how reliable the rest of the watch is built, if the gold begins to fade, it can’t be worn in the public anymore. Japan-Asian made replicas are not even close in durability compared to the Swiss made replicas that will last you a lifetime.


Myth #13:

“Japan-made Rolex replicas are made in Asia, and Swiss-made Rolex replicas are made in Switzerland.”

Reality: True.

Japan-made Rolex replicas are not entirely made in Japan. They are made in Asia, like most replicas you will find, but they have a genuine Japan-made 21-jewel Miyota automatic movement. Swiss-made Rolex replicas do have a genuine Swiss-made ETA 25-jewel or 27-jewel automatic movement, but there is much debate about where they are actually made.

Some people claim their parts are made in Switzerland, then brought to China for assembly and brought back to Switzerland for fine-tuning just like a real Rolex watch. It is still unclear as to where the parts are manufactured. However, the quality of the Swiss-made Rolex replicas are so good that they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing and the quality and craftsmanship of the entire watch rivals that of a real Rolex watch, so it is assumed the parts are all really made in Switzerland.


Myth #14:

“Only Swiss-made Rolex replicas and genuine Rolex watches have a hacking signal.”

Reality: False.

The hacking signal refers to the second hand which stops sweeping when you pull out the crown to set the time. In the past, only Swiss-made Rolex replicas and genuine Rolex watches had a hacking signal, but the newer generation of Grade 1 Japan-made Rolex replicas also have a hacking signal as well.


Myth #15:

“Only a genuine, Swiss-made Rolex replica has a Rose Gold hidden clasp for yellow gold Presidential models.”

Reality: True.

A lot of people who offer Swiss-made Rolex replicas have Presidential models, but they don’t have the rose gold clasp. Rose gold is a pinkish color. Many dealers who offer ‘cheap’

Swiss-made Rolex replicas for $400-$700 don’t have a Rose Gold clasp, but they claim to have gold plating on the bands and a genuine ETA movement. Don’t believe these bad dealers who are either shipping out Japan-Asian made Rolex replicas or nothing at all.


Myth #16:

“Only genuine, Swiss-made Rolex replicas have a laser-engraved Rolex crown at the 6 o’clock position on the crystal.”

Reality: True.

Other replicas do not have this crown engraved onto the sapphire crystal.

However, some dealers try to manually engrave a crown onto Japan-made replicas. The engraving is usually done poorly and looks like dotted lines, instead of smooth, continuous lines that only the Swiss manufacturer can create.



There are many other myths about Rolex replicas. The ones who have created the myths are the dishonest dealers who want to scam customers, and so they create fictitious information about the Rolex replicas and try to represent them as watches that are better than they really are.

Be careful and don’t be fooled by these dishonest dealers. Make sure to check out our Site Ratings and Reviews before making a purchase. Read our other articles to learn about the different types of Rolex replicas available, and don’t be tricked or scammed by the many scam artists on the Internet. Make an educated purchasing decision!