by George Braton

You’ve heard many things about the different ‘grades’ of Rolex replicas on the Internet, and we have talked a lot about the different qualities of Rolex replicas. But many people have still asked for an article dedicated to the different types of qualities available, along with a comparison chart.

You will discover the 5 main qualities available on the Internet, and differences between them.

You can read our Website Reviews to see the sites that are selling the different qualities, based on what thousands of customers have told us about them and what we know about the site owners. Let us begin by saying that selling Rolex replicas can be a profitable business for the owners. Where else can you buy a watch for $50 and sell it for $150, and at the same time represent it as something being sold for $1500 elsewhere?!

But the business can also be a sad loss for customers because of greedy and selfish dealers. Some people selling these Rolex replicas are not good people, so it is important that you can protect yourself.

Different Grades of Replica Rolex

Basically, there are 5 basic grades of quality.

Usually, Grade 1, 2, and 3 Rolex replicas are all called “Swiss-made replicas” by dealers. Contrary to popular beliefs, only one of those grades is really Swiss-made.

The rest are made in Japan or elsewhere in Asia.

The best advice we can give you is the $100 rule:

Grade 4 Rolex replicas should retail for $100 less than Grade 3 Rolex replicas, and Grade 3 Rolex replicas should retail for $100 less than Grade 2 replicas.

This means a genuine, Swiss-made Rolex replica (Grade 1) retails for $1000-$1500, and a Grade 2 replica should retail for at most $1200 less than Grade 1 replicas.

Don’t ever pay more than $300 more for a Grade 2 replica (even though many dealers try to sell them as higher quality replicas). Also, you should never pay more than $200 for a Grade 3 Rolex replica, no more than $100 for a Grade 4 Rolex replica, and no more than $60 for a Grade 5 Rolex replica.

Grade 1: Genuine, Swiss-made Rolex Replicas

Genuine Swiss-made Rolex Replicas are the top-of-the-line Rolex replicas. Newspapers and investigators have written about their breathtaking similarities to genuine Rolex watches.

They test for solid gold, and look, feel, and weigh virtually exactly the same as the real thing. Counterfeiters have long sold them as the real thing, even to pre-owned Rolex jewelers. They have genuine, Swiss-made 25-jewel ETA modified to Rolex clone movements in them, and wholesale for at least $1300 each even for the cheapest stainless steel models. So you cannot expect to pay less than $1100 for one unless the dealers want to lose money.

There are numerous expenses associated with selling these watches, and a dealer must sell them for $1300 to earn a profit.

Also don’t believe the stuff you hear on the net about some sites wholesaling to others, and selling them to the general public for the same, low price!

They will tell their customers that they are the wholesaler for these Rolex replicas watches to try to convince them into believing their lower prices are for the exact same watch. And when the customer receives a Grade 3 quality watch, they ignore their requests for a refund.

Just remember that a genuine, Swiss-made Rolex replica MUST have the following:

  • Full 1 to 2 years Warranty
  • Guaranteed solid 18k gold wrap on all 2-tone and all-gold models
  • Genuine sapphire crystal
  • Swiss made Rolex clone movement. The watch is identical to the genuine Rolex inside and out
  • Real ceramic on the ceramic bezel models
  • The color of the gold looks exactly like a genuine Rolex watch
  • Engraved Rolex crown at the 6 o’clock position on the sapphire crystal on newer models
  • Engraved ROLEX underneath the sapphire crystal and above the dial on newer models

If a site cannot offer ALL these, they are NOT selling genuine, Grade 1 replicas! We advise you purchase these models if you really want to be sure you are receiving a genuine, Swiss-made Rolex replica. And most importantly, make sure they state a 1-year warranty at least so that you can dispute their company to credit card companies and law enforcement agencies in case they ignore your requests for warranty returns.

The biggest dealers actually have more to lose by selling you a watch and getting ripped off.

Since they wholesale for up to $900 each, every case of fraud can really eat into their profits.

That is why it is so important to pay by bank wire or credit card to ensure you’ll be receiving what you paid for.

Grade 2: High Quality Japan-Asian made Rolex Replicas

These Rolex replicas are the most profitable – even more than Swiss-made Rolex replicas.

The reason is because a dealer can purchase one for approximately $150 each, and try to sell them as a genuine Swiss-made Rolex replica for $500-700 each!

Grade 2 Rolex Replicas have solid stainless steel construction, but the quality is not as good as the 904L steel grade found on genuine, Swiss-made Rolex replicas.

Their movements, however, are indeed genuine, Japan-made Miya Co. automatic movements with hacking signal and a smooth sweeping second hand.

Here are some other distinct features of these watches that customers usually inquire about:

  • All 2-tone models are single gold plated, NOT solid gold wrapped
  • All-gold models are single gold plated, NOT solid gold wrapped
  • Genuine mineral crystal
  • The color of the gold looks close to a genuine Rolex watch
  • The watch is not as heavy as a Grade 1 Replica!

It is approximately 15% lighter because they are not 904L solid steel.

  • They don’t have engravings on the crystal at the 6 o’clock position and they don’t have the word ROLEX engraved under the crystal and above the dial.

Grade 2 Replicas are crafted very carefully in Japan-Asia and made to look almost like a Swiss-made replica. Their wholesale prices range from $150 to $180 and the retail price of these watches should be no more than $300.

They usually carry a 6 months warranty on them. Some dealers try to represent them as Grade 1 Swiss-made Rolex replicas. Just look for the engraving at the 6 o’clock position on the crystal and the word ROLEX between the crystal and the dial.

Grade 3: Regular Japan-Asian made Rolex Replicas

These are the real so-called Japan-Asian made replicas. They are very good quality, have a mineral crystal instead of sapphire, and the movements are top quality Asian-made movements.

The wholesale cost of the Japan-Asian made replica Rolex watches range from $90-$120, and they retail for about $200-$220.

Don’t pay more than $220 for one of these watches!

They are not water-proof, and you can’t go into the water with them for a swim. Most sites who sell them with credit cards offer less than a 6 months warranty on them. They usually have problems which occur within a month.

Don’t believe the dealers who sell these and say they are water-proof to 10m, or have a Swiss-made movement, because they don’t!

The stainless steel is indeed a stainless steel, but it is not forged, so the feel is different from a Swiss-made replica and a genuine Rolex with 904L steel.

Some noticeable features about them:

  • The movement is a copy of the Japan movement, and it’s not really a Japan-made movement with hacking signal
  • They never come with real ceramic bezel
  • Wholesale cost in New York: $90-$120 each
  • They have some of the correct markings and engravings on them
  • Gold watches are gold plated, but not wrapped

Remember that these replica watches are not worth more than $220. Never pay more than $220 for one, regardless of how the dealers try to sell them as Grade 1 Replicas

Grade 4 and Grade 5 Replicas: Asian Replicas

These are the most common Rolex replicas offered in the world. The wholesale prices on them run as low as $15 when purchased in bulk. They all have variations of a China-made movement, with plated stainless steel and sometimes fake gold plating as well. The plating is on top of a base metal, usually copper. Sometimes they have a quartz battery movement, and sometimes they have an automatic movement.

But many people can tell they are fakes just by looking at them. You can usually find them on the streets for $50-$100, you will see them being offered on the Internet for anywhere from $70-$150. Some even sell them for higher prices and try to offer them as Japan-made Replicas.


We hope you have learned something the different grades of Rolex replicas available on the Internet. This is a very, very common question we get from customers, because most customers are wary about some dealers offering impossibly low prices on some replicas.

Our advice is to be extra careful when purchasing a Rolex replica over $300, and always use a Bank wire or a credit card.

And if you are planning to purchase a real Rolex, we strongly advise you to only purchase from an Authorized Rolex dealer, because who knows what second-hand jewelers and are really selling?

Many have bought Grade 1 Rolex replicas without even knowing it and are re-selling it to innocent victims for the price of the real thing.

This just isn’t fair – it’s fraud and counterfeiting and above all its dishonest to sell a Swiss replica Rolex as a genuine just because it’s identical inside and out.