Copies of Rolex watches have become a norm in the watches industry. But as the number of suppliers increases, it gets difficult to determine which one of them will actually be worth the money being spent. Many suppliers will try to provide you with fake Rolex replica watches as close to the original one. is the only one that provides an identical to the genuine Swiss made replica watch. This review is of the Swiss replica Rolex Submariner with green dial, green ceramic bezel and oyster bracelet. Also known as HULK. The first part of this review will help you understand the watch quality, whereas, the second part will give you an idea about their service and support.


Let’s talk about the product first. As soon as you see this super clone Swiss replica, you won’t be able to tell it apart from the original. The details are impeccable and ditto to the original.

  • Swiss-made quality

This super clone Swiss replica will impress you with the vibrant green color of the dial and ceramic bezel. The bezel engravings are platinum coated exactly like the genuine.

With a single look and feel, you’ll find yourself loving the quality that this Swiss fake watch has to offer. From the case to dial and the movement of this watch, it is entirely Swiss-made quality. The watch itself won’t disappoint as you try it on as it will feel luxurious and solid.

  • Great time accuracy

When it comes to the movement of the Submariner replica, it is exactly what the original would offer you. The Rolex 3135 Swiss cloned movement provides a perfect sweep seconds hand motion with 28.800 VPH. The timing is as accurate as ever and you’ll only find a difference of +-3 seconds per day. The movement is lubricated with Nano-Oil lubricants and it offers over 5 years’ service free period. Amazing!

  • Identical to the original

Comparing the original Submariner in green dial, you’ll barely find any differences. The case, dial, bezel, movement, bracelet, crystal, and functioning are all exactly like the original! You’ll need an expert to actually help you find any difference, if there is any.

  • Smooth locks

The oyster bracelet is made with “Rolex” 904L stainless steel and includes three-piece links. As you wear this watch, you’ll feel it’s solidly built as there are tightly threaded screws in place. Moreover, the locks placed are exactly what you’ll find in the original. They’re smooth yet secure clasps that will allow you to put the watch on and off easily.

  • Waterproof

Having tested this out, you can rest assured that this is indeed 100% waterproof! No damage is done by water as it has been tested to be waterproof to 300 meters at least.


Now, let’s talk about the service that they have to offer their customers.

  • Secure delivery

When it comes to the delivery, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with worry. You’ll get the watch in a reasonable along with a secured warranty. This assures that if you find any issues, you can easily seek the suppliers help.

  • Free worldwide shipping

Another great thing about their service is that they offer free worldwide shipping. There are very few suppliers that offer this and is great if you wish to get this delivered to a far-off location.

All in all, this watch has proven to be a great purchase. To pay a lot less for a product that is identical to the original seems like a pretty great option. Not only does offer the highest quality Swiss replica fake Rolex watches but their service is immaculate as well.

pretty great option. Not only does offer the highest quality Swiss replica fake Rolex watches but their service is immaculate as well.